Our Impact

$25,108 to Southeast LA War Veterans Home in Reserve

Items outside of appropriations budget, a soft serve ice cream machine and a trip to a basketball game for some veterans.

$12,500 to 360 Program

Allowed family members participate with combat veterans who suffer from PTSD. It’s been well documented that when the family is involved, the success rate is 2X better (the problem is that the Veterans Administration can only fund the cost for the soldier).

$4,500 in Christmas gifts to the VOA

Homeless vets that are trying to transition to permanent housing w/ jobs (60 bed facility). We also purchased bus passes through the Regional Transit Authority; so, these Veterans could have independent transportation for work and medical appointments.

$5,000 to the Liberto Family

Captain Liberto, the Police Officer that was killed last month in St. Tamany, was a veteran. We provided money to the family.

$1,200 per quarter to local VFWs

These posts are the first place that a vet in need usually goes for assistance and most of these posts do not have the resources on their own and we’re happy to help.

Operation Mardi Gras

In 2019 we provided care packages to soldiers from Louisiana that were deployed in Afghanistan. The care packages included Mardi Gras beads, trinkets, new socks, underwear, deodorant and hard candy. The response was heart warning.

On 3 different occasions we have provided meals for soldiers being deployed overseas

For some crazy reason, when they begin their 10 – 12 hour flight to a foreign country, they are not provided food and drink on their flight in a C130. We sent box meals, soft drinks and water.

$7,500 to the family of a soldier that passed

He attended Jesuit and LSU and left behind 3 young children.

Veterans Appreciation Dinners

We provided food and our members served and helped clean up.

Provided 100’s of backpacks and school supplies

Children of deployed soldiers – mostly at Joint Base Belle Chasse

Miscellaneous small dollar requests

Sometimes the best thing we can provide is a gift card – allows the family to purchase what they need.

Other monetary requests

Rent, utilities, car insurance, medical and dental bills, credit card bills, food and diapers.

MH – $500

Misc Personal Expenses

IM – $500

Misc Supplies

SM – $2,500

Living Expenses

RO – $1,040

Living Expenses

TH – $1,800

Medical Expenses

OM – $1,200

Tree Removal

DS – $1,200

Housing Expenses

HB – $2,500

Living Expenses – Death of a Veteran

 LG – $1,000

Utilities and LE